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We are a TEAM

" We are not a team
because we work together.
We are a TEAM
because we respect, trust,
and care for each other. "

- Vala Afshar -

Management Program

The success of schools depends upon the foundation of the programs and platforms, thus AAHRMEI extends assistance for curriculum review and development, and such other services that may be deemed necessary.

Coordination and collaboration with some government agencies, private organizations, and industry for possible activities that may benefit the faculty and students.

Establishing linkages for both local and international organizations for global competitiveness.

Training & Seminars

AAHRMEI with its commitment to assist the member schools, deans, administrators, faculty members, and the hospitality industry does the following services among others:

  • Annual national convention to gain updates and valuable ideas from different speakers every December.
  • General membership meeting with summer seminar-workshop every month of May.
  • Seminars and Training for skills enhancement.
  • Motivational speaking during student assembly in different schools. 

The goal of Training

" The goal of Education
is understanding;
The goal of Training
is performance. "

- Frank Bell -

Greatest Skills

" Success doesn't always
come to those with the
Greatest Skills
But to those who
apply their talents. "

- Frank Sonnenberg -

Skills Development

The AAHRMEI provides the venue for skills development through the conduct of national inter-school skills competitions in cooperation with the industry to ensure the development of industry-based knowledge and skills.

  • ACHI-AAHRMEI National Skills Competitions.
  • AAHRMEI Gourmet
  • Bar Wars
  • Culinary Grand Prix