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Our Official Logo

AAHRMEI Logo Symbolized

Association of Administrators in the Hospitality, Hotel, and Restaurant Management Educational Institutions (AAHRMEI)

This goblet represents the whole Hospitality and Tourism Industry that includes the faculty, deans, administrators, and the future workers of the industry.


The hands holding the goblet stands for the AAHRMEI is committed to assisting the faculty, deans, administrators, students, industry, and related government agencies in reaching out for quality and excellence in hospitality & tourism education & services.


The flame manifests the burning desire of AAHRMEI to be of service to schools, industry partners, CHED, DOT, and TESDA through the conduct of training and seminars, certification, collaboration, and consultancy to ensure continuous improvement of programs through learning and sharing of good ideas and practices.


The red ribbon represents the pursuit of quality and excellence among member schools for the total development of faculty and administrators and the students through skills competitions, certification, and collaboration with local and international linkages for the benefit of students.


A circle denotes the continued effort, collaboration, and partnership of AAHRMEI with the industry, both local and  International, to gain valuable ideas and practices beneficial to the future workers of the industry.


The MMI represents the year 2001 when the Association of Administrators of Hospitality, Hotel, and Restaurant Management Educational Institutions was established on February 22, 2001.


Blue – represents the education for the Hospitality, Tourism, and related programs.

Yellow represents optimism, energy, joy, and desire for friendship and collaboration.

Red represents the strong desire for courage, leadership, strength, and determination to serve.

White represents the purity and sincerity of AAHRMEI to serve as a light, inspiration, and the leadership to achieve goals for perfection, quality, and excellence in education.

Presentation Logo

AJAM Logo Symbolized

AAHRMEI Junior Associate Members

It symbolizes progress, work, and innovation. With the continued advancement in technology and culture in the world. AJAM with the representation of the youth upholds change and adaptation towards the growth of the industry and the people within our community.​

AJAM Glass

In line with the logo of AAHRMEI, the goblet or glass represent the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Being a staple in our industry, the hands which symbolize “services” go together with the goblet that is often filled with wine or water. A reminder that in our industry, learning is a continuous flow of knowledge and ideas in providing service for everyone.


The flame is the burning fire of desire within us to learn and share. Giving warmth and light to the people is a symbolism of fire’s rapid spread of knowledge and power to continue empowering, growth, and building up the AJAM community.


Hands are the representation of service and humility. It represents the administrators and faculty members who help and provide mentorship and service not just to the junior members of the organization, but also to all the professional and members in the field.

AJAM Ribbon

The ribbon represents hope, awareness, strength, unity, and high achievements in the leadership of AJAM. Reaching for greater heights and excellence sets as a reminder for us to embody professionalism and integrity as we continue training to be future tourism and hospitality, management professionals.

AAHRMEI Group Officers
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