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AAHRMEI 22 ND National Convention held at Belmont Hotel Boracay, Newcoast, Malay, Aklan on December 3-6, 2022 was highlighted on its last day with a big surprise given by the Board Advisers, Dr. Disodado D. Amante and Dr. Ignacio C. Cordova, Jr. who were reading the citations which perfectly supported Dr. Gloria Baken W. Siy being conferred as President Emeritus.

When the heart is full, the lips are mute – so they say. This was exactly how Dr. Siy reacted while listening to the heartwarming statements uttered by the Board Advisers. She was surrounded by the newly elected and the old set of officers who were also on the verge of tears. It was such an intense emotional moment, most especially when you see the 367 participants from the crowd who were also in tears.

The officers expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the long years that they have been guided by her motherly style of discipline coupled with love. The crowd was also filled with admixture of emotions – joy for Dr. Siy’s remarkable achievements that earned her the most prestigious title, and sadness – knowing that she will surely be missed in the academe most especially her dedicated and selfless efforts in sharing her rich experiences to everyone who wishes to grow professionally and become leaders in their own rights. She, however, gracefully gave the assurance that for as long as she is still around, she would always remain to be of service to the Association which she considers her second family.

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As a general comment among those who have come to know this admirable woman, youth never seemed to have left her persona. At her platinum age, she still exudes an untiring and gracious personality. When asked what her secret is in staying in such a youthful state, she gently replies, “It’s keeping yourself reachable to anyone who needs your help that adds more years to your life. Each one of those whose lives you touch would surely whisper a little prayer for you, and every time that happens, the Lord never forgets to add another bonus to your life!”. Indeed, Dr. Siy is an embodiment of a leader worthy of admiration, respect, and emulation. She has set herself as an example of an accomplished individual – yet never short of humility and gentleness!

KUDOS to our beloved Founder and President Emeritus, DR. GLORIA BAKEN “MOMMY GLO” WONG SIY! You will always be locked with love in our hearts with prayers for a longer and happier life! Rest assured that your legacy will be continued and sustained by your new set of Board Members to be led by Dr. Lilibeth C. Aragon.

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